Great link for lots of ammunition and their systems

Should just about satisfy everyone’s fancy.


Thanks for the great gallery of photos. They prove what I have always known - Gunners Mates and Ordnancemen rule.

Todays sailors must be a lot tougher than in my day. Women on board ship!!! I’m not sure I could have handled that.

I wonder what the ladies do on liberty while the guys are out chasing women and drinking beer - (not necessarily in that order.)


Those are some great photos and I am happy to see that slick rick and Ray Meketa enjoyed them so much, but… Did you notice that the bylines on the photos were all to Mass Communication Techs? Not a single Photographers’ Mate to be found and whats even worse is these techs arent even airdales!!!
It makes me feel so obsolete!

Don’t ask what the female sailors do on liberty, my limited experience twenty odd years ago is that they get into more trouble than the guys.

PH2 Curtis F. Laws USN (RET)

Yea, wimmen on ships. As I recall, prior to the new billeting rules, that was traditionally a bad luck thing. Wonder how many I’da seen in all the churches and museums I frequented whilst on liberty?