Great stuff in Issue #465

With a 37MM round on the cover!!! Many thanks to Chris and all the contributors for another excellent issue of the JOURNAL.

I thought .243 Winchester (6mm) was very interesting.

Me too.

That makes two of us who read it. ;) ;)


Three Ray.

Well my copy arrived in the UK today, so thats 4 that read the fine article on the .243…can I have my 5 bucks now Ray ? ;)

I’m just a newby so I guess I have no excuse not to read the Journals cover to cover. They are of excellent quality and the info is really neat! The article about the fire, in the previous journal, was most interesting to me. So far I think it has been a real wise move on my part to join the IAA.

could I be wrong or is my computer off…as my download date of the e-copy of Issue 465 says 12/26…sure worth my $25 to get an e-jump on awaiting the snail mail of 465…just my 2500 cents worth of opinion!

(in fact my last 5-6 downlaods all show the 26-27-28 of the month “preceeding” the issue month)…just FYI to push anyone toward considering dropping $25 for an e-membership !


kudos to Chris for creating both options…he needs a raise !

Pepper, Lets double his salary!!! Will have no impact on the IAA Budget. While we are at it lets double your salary too…

Today I received my copy of the Journal.
Again Great work Chris…Thanks…