Great Video Detailing US NAVY Rail Gun Ammunition

Affordable, High Speed… Low Tech Ordinance The Navy’s New Rail Gun … 4-cbs.html


Low Tech?
The capacitor banks necessary to drive such a gun are not only very, very dangerous to any person getting close to them but also a first order technical challenge. We are not talking about switching some household appliance but about switching enormous amounts of energy that can easily kill a bystander by the sound pressure of the arc if something goes wrong.

Jason - I think you meant “low cost” (per projectile), not “low-tech.” I think these things are about as high-tech as you can get!

I do wonder about the blurb with this film, which speaks of secrecy in the past.
They have been working on rail guns for years and years, and lots of information, including films of testing, have been seen in the past. Oh well, maybe this one is some different type.

I can’t for the life of me see why that projectile they show costs 25 grand a copy, unless there is some sort of complex mechanism inside it. It looked like one solid piece.

I just copied and pasted the Heading stating low tech. Maybe they meant the projectile assembly is low tech compared to an advanced missile? I have no idea why it costs 25K each, but that is a lot cheaper then most missiles. I just liked the video because they had good footage of the projectile and its sabot :-)