Great video of how CCI manufactures & tests their 22 ammo

Thought this was very interesting and figured I would post it :-) Below is a link to a great 2 part video of how CCI manufactures and tests their 22 cal ammunition. In the end they show how each different round behaves in gel and wood. I love seeing how cool things are made. I did not realize that CCI was part of ATK (one of my all time favorite ammunition manufactures along with GD-OTS). I am also curios if the interviewed man with a last name of Olin is any relation to OLIN ammo? I think ATK may have bought OLIN many years ago? Anyhow, cool video.

Jason … n-is-made/

According to info reached via Google, Olin Corporation is still Olin Corporation, not owned by anyone else…


Bret Olin, as far as I’m aware is not related to the Olin ammunition company, & Stinger ammunition was developed by one of the IAA’s members, Ken Alexander.
ATK as you may know is a French owned company & also manages our one & only, small arms arsenal Lake City

I always thought OLIN sold/merged its “Large Bore” tank ammunition division years ago to either ATK or GD-OTS? I have a beautiful, inert, OLIN made 90MM APFSDS projectile that I think was made in 1993 :-)


That really is a great video, thanks for posting it