Great WW2 Aircraft Carrier Video w/ammo

A friend sent this great video to me. There is some brief footage of them loading what I think is 20mm rounds into a fighter and some incredible footage of “AMMO IN USE”. One scene shows a plane getting ready to take off and all of its stored incendiary ammunition starts to cook off in the plane. OMG, every-time I see stuff like this I become more in awe of the men and women who serve this country, past and present. Bravery is a understatement as is there heroics. OFF THE CHARTS

Jason … re=related


Thanks! I love videos like that! Was I correct that the ammo being loaded in the aircraft was 20mm?


Great video and yes, that looked like 20x110mm Hispano ammunition to me. Not sure of the projectile, but maybe HEI alternating with solid AP?

Nice to see CSAEOD stop by as well…


This video clip is from a 2-DVD set called “WWII in Color”. Your local library probably has it, I know mine does.

Thanks so much Sksvlad! I may have to buy a copy of that set. I love learning and seeing history like this.