Greek .32 S&W "SPECIAL" Long


I picked up this cartridge at the KCCA Cartridge show a couple of years ago courtesy of Gary Muckel but did not have a camera to take pictures of the box. This year Gary had the box at the show and let me take some pics. Produced by the Greek Powder and Cartridge Co., Athens, Greece; .32 S&W (long) marked on the box as “SPECIAL”. Or does “SPECIAL” denote a special loading of the .32 S&W Long?

Metal cased round nose bullet. Case length = 0.92", rim diameter = 0.375" which corresponds to the .32 S&W Long

Number stamped on side of lid is 17290.

Translation, information, comments are welcome.



Brian, very nice box, thank you very much for sharing these pictures. This unusual designation matches that used in the 1939 catalog for the only loading offered in this caliber. Bullet is listed as a metal capped type weighing 6,15 g and propellant consists of 0.15 g of smokeless powder.

Although probably not related, the “.32 Special” or “.32 Spl” marking is found in several brands of Spanish revolvers chambered for the .32 S&W Long made in the 1920-30’s.





Thank you for the additional information.

Much appreciated.