Greek 6.5x54mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer


What does it say? It is all Greek to me.


Greek Powder & Cartridge Co.,Athenes,Greece 1914
Ε Σ = Greek millitary stamp


Thanks, but I’d like to see whole words, not acronyms, if possible, in Greek.


Ελληνικό Στρατό


Would you also know what 3 words are in Greek for “ЕПК”?


“It’s all Greek”…

Eta Sigma ( Elliniki Stratos==Hellenic Army)

BTW: Strategos==General
Hence Strategia ( Strategy) …Military Art.

Eta Pi Kappa ( Elliniki [Poudrerie Cartoucherie] Greek rendition of French name of Manufacturer…Cartoucherie et Poudrerie Hellenique ( Greek Powder and Cartridge Company)…French was effectively the International language of Greece for Military and Diplomatic matters. (Most of the Initial Military advisors to Greece from the 1850s onwards were French).

AV Ballistics.


Let me correct you.

Στρατηγος comes from Στρατός (Army) + Άγος (leader)
so Strategy = Στρατηγική is the Art of Army leadership.