Greek 7.92x57 Mauser Ammo


I must confess that I know nothing of small bullets, headstamps and markings. I am definitely more into the big stuff. Since joining the IAA and this forum I have learned allot about gobs of other subjects and collection interests. I was given this box of old ammo from a previous boss of mine. His father was in WW2 and purchased this box of bullets somewhere. Anyhow, he gave them to me a while ago and they have sat in storage for 12 years. You guys seem to know so much about every little dot, dash, groove or other markings, I figured I would post a few pics for ID. Many months ago, CSAEOD Id the rounds or the language for me and confess, I totally forgot. I thought they were Russian.

Any ideas of what these are? Worth anything?


Greek 7.92x57 Mauser ammo, 1952.


Thanks Jon! I now remember I thought they were Russian and CSA told me they were Greek! Thanks for reffreshing my memory Jon. It looks like the box cost $1.99 when it was purchased. Is it worth much more now? I really have no desire to keep them. I like big Tank Bullets :-)