Greek 7.92x57 Mauser box from 1952

Greece joint NATO in 1952. How was she armed before NATO arms standardization? Here is a Mauser box. Did they also make ammo for Italian Carcanos?

From 1944 ( Greek Liberation of German occupation) to the 1950s, Greece was armed with a mixture of Old M1903 series Mannlicher-Schoenauer Rifles, British SMLE .303 Rifles, and German Mauser Rifles; Italian Carcano Rifles played a part in the 1944-18 Civil War with the Communists (on Both sides). Many Carcano rifles had their chamberes modified to take 6,5 MS ammo.
The MGs in service were even more varied…German MG34 and 42, British Bren and Vickers, French Hotchkiss etc. and various Italian MGs all served in various quantities till the Korean War.

BY then, the Greek Army ( Ellenikos Stratos) had adopted the British SMLE and the Bren for General use. All the other rifles were surplussed. The MGs were kept for a slightly longer period, well into the “Nato” period.

After Korea, where a Greek Battalion served with distinction, being armed with US Small arms, Greece went over to Garands, BARs and Browning MGs, along with Thompsons and M3 SMGs. etc. Eventually by the 1960s, Greece had adopted the H&K G3 rifle, and the MG-3 Gun. ( for the Nato Alliance).

M-1 rifles are still in ceremonial use, whilst the .303 calibre inventory has all been surplussed (Arms and ammo). A lot of the US rifles have been returned to the USA under CMP program.

As far As I know, Greece did not make ammo for 6,5 Carcano; It did use some US-made “Covert” WCC-made 6,5 ammo, at the same time that the CIA was trying to ship this ammo to the insurgents in Communist Albania, but this fell through, and most of the Lots 6000-1-2-3? never left the USA.

Greece also got a batch of FN-made 6,5MS ammo in 1946-48; It also traded large quantities of German captured 7,9mm ammo to Turkey, in return for Captured 6,5mmMS ammo and rifles ( from the 1921 Greco-Turkish war.).

Outside of some “souvenired” WW II rifles still out in the mountains etc, Greece had virtually disposed of all its “non-standard” Small Arms by the late 1950s, with a basic inventroy of .303 SMLEs for recruit training, US M1 rifles for general Infantry, and H&K G3 (7,62 Nato) for their elite units. Since the War with Turkey over Cyprus,( 1970s) the Greek Army has been almost fully re-equipped with Modern H&K licensed products.

Now for that 7,9 Packet:

Ellenikos Stratos Army of the Greeks

20 Fisiggia bolidota 20 cartridges Ball

Maouser Ton 7,90 CHil Mauser of 7,9 Calibre

AI’ Automata Opla Kai Tufekia For Automatic Weapons and Rifles

Kataskeui 1952 Manufacture/ Delivery 1952

The back label escapes me, but the Address is “Athinai” Athens.

Maybe one of our Greek-speaking posters can do a better translation.

Nice one, a real collectible.

Doc AV

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