Greek 7.9mm Hotchkiss

Yes, the “χμ” is an abbreviation for “χιλιοστόμετρα” the millimeter (mm.) .

I have seen a box of them in the Greek Army History Service warehouse. The cartridges you have are original and these rounds were loaded with a heavier bullet in a higher pressure than normal to achieve better ballistic characteristics and reliable loading.

Thanks Jack and aris

I asked if anyone has seen a box with Greek manufactured cartridges that is labeled for the Hotchkiss MG. Well it looks like I might have had one all the time. The label reads ΔΙΑ ΠΟΛ/ΛΑ ΧΟΤΣΚΙΣ - FOR “CHOTSKIS” LIGHT MACHINEGUNS which I take as meaning “Hotchkiss”. If I am mistaken I am sure someone who can really read Greek will point it out.

The label also says “ΦΥΣΙΓΓΙΑ ΔΙΑΤΡΗΤΙΚΑ” – perforating bullet. The only Greek AP headstamp I know of (besides the 1940 contract for the UK) is Ε ΕΠΚ Σ 40. The box is empty so I don’t know what the original headstamps were.

One line appears to be a warning. It starts “NOT …………… and the printing gets poor and I can’t make out all the letters. Someone fluent in Greek might be able to interpolate what it says.


A little tangental to the topic…just a couple of headstamp variations. The '40 dated round has a GMCS projectile while the other 2 have GM jackets and are not magnetic.


the warning is “ΑΝΕΥ ΤΡΟΧΙΟΔΕΙΚΤΟΥ” witch means “WITHOUT TRACER” .

aris – Thanks a lot for all your help. I really appreciate it. I now know a lot more about Greek box inscriptions than I did a couple of days ago.

If anybody needs a translation from Greek, please post it.

To continue this interesting discussion about greek headstamps and cartridge boxes, I would like to ask a question about well known Greek headstamp EK on cartridges made by Greek Powder and Cartridge co. What means these letters E K?

I have only an assumption that this is abbreviation from the company ΕΤΑΙΡΙΑ ΕΛΛΗΝ. ΠΥΡΙΤΙΔOΠΟΙΕΙΟΥ ΚΑΙ ΚΑΛYΚΟΠΟΙΕΙΟΥ, i.e. something like Greek Cartridges. But this is only my hypothesis


Correct the normal should be Ε Π Κ (if you see the previous attached pictures there is a Π between the E and the K). Apparently the company at some time for export clients used only the E and K because Π does not exist in any other alphabet.

By the way the headstamp used now is EAS .

Thank you, aris for comment. I understand that EK is a commercial variant of EПК headstamp

Is it correct to read EK as ΕΛΛΗΝ. ΚΑΛYΚΟΠΟΙΕΙΟΥ (Greek cartridges - as shortened name of Greek powder and cartridge company) or this is only company logo, which can’t be deciphered?

Something else that I learned is that Eley-Kynoch actually once made a formal complain about the use of the same headstamp, then ΕΠΚ stopped using it so there is a great possibility that a cartridge that was in production from both companies it is impossible to tell which is which!!

I think that the Eley Kynoch complaint was more a matter of principle, as Kynoch never used the “E K” headstamp on metallic ammunition as far as I know.


I think that the Eley Kynoch complaint was more a matter of principle, as Kynoch never used the “E K” headstamp on metallic ammunition as far as I know.


I really don’t know either, the truth is that the company archives have a file on the complain , and the respond to it that ΕΠΚ will not use this headstamp again , both letters are very formal and polite.

Found also a Greek box.
I don`t know what cartridges belong to this box.


The box on the right says:




OF 7,92


The one on the left has the EΠK’s name on and Athens

There is a later dated and more commonly encountered box that is labeled “ΔI’ ΑΥΤΟΜΑΤΑ ΟΠΛΑ ΚΑΙ ΤΥΦΕΚΙΑ” (For Machineguns and Rifles). The correct headstamp for this box is “Ε ΕΠΚ Σ 52”. This might be the last military 7.92mm box and headstamp produced in Greece. Has anyone seen later dates?


Thanks for the translation.


ΕΠΚ has produced the last batch in 1954 according to its records.

aris - Thanks for that bit of information. Do you happen to know what the headstamp was? Ε ΕΠΚ Σ 54?

A couple of days ago me and a friend of mine (legal gun trader) were wondering what the heck is this! He possess a handful of these cartridges - with magnetic bullet (GMCS) jackets, and the tips of the two of the bullets were painted silver (or white, as far as I remember). Now we have an almost clear answer - except the exact designation of the caliber - 7.92x?
We had take a bunch of measurements and the length of the cases was very unconsistent.
I have his permission to use the pictures, so here we go.
Here are the measures of one of those cartridges, compared with 6,5x54 Greek Mannlicher-Shoenauer, the base and the cartridge as a whole.



Take care and have fun!