Greek 9mmP box-Repack


The repack box below is filled with British “H^N 45 9MM MK2Z” headstamped cartridges. It is a British style 48 round box, but there is no evidence there was ever a British label on the box.

If any body knows Greek, I’d like a translation of this label

Note the red letters are stamped on what looks like masking tape that covers another lable in Greek that has been printed in black. As close as I can make it out it says:

[quote]ΦΥΥΙΓΓΙΑ 9 Υ.Α.




There are two boxes. One has something I can’t read on the line at the bottom and the other doesn’t. I will try to steam off the tape on one of the boxes to see if I can recover the original label.

What is interesting is that the box with the something written on the line if filled with the post-WWII CIA loads made in Canada. These are headstamped “9 MM 43”. Both boxes have been slightly opened so the headstamps can be seen, but neither box has been opened enough so that they could have been refilled. I believe both headstamped cartridges were packed in the boxes in 1953 regardless of the H^N markings on the two boxes. The original boxes may have been H^N ammunition send down in the late 1940 to support the Greek Army during the Greek Civil War against the DSE. During the 1953 repack, some boxes were likely filled with the Canadian made ammunition. At least that is my best guess. Cheers, Lew PS: These are my first Greek military 9mmP boxes, even if they are repacks.


Second line (starts PAPA) is Para-bellum.


Hello Lew, this is my best effort to translate this label:


ΦΥΣΙΓΓΙΑ 9 χιλ. = 9 mm. cartridges

ΠΑΡΑ - ΜΠΕΛΟΥΜ = Para - beloum (“Parabellum”)

ΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΗΣ H N 1945 = Construction (“made by”) H N 1945

ΕΠ Π./655 Α.Β.Π. = EP P./655 A.B.P.

15 ΙΟΥΛ 195? = 15 Jul 195?

Black label reads:

ΦΥΣΙΓΓΙΑ 9 χιλ. = 9 mm. cartridges

ΠΑΡΑ - ΜΠΕΛΟΥΜ = Para - beloum (“Parabellum”)

ΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΑΣΜΕΝΗ (not sure) = Made



Fede - I think from the rather flat top of the last digit of the “HN” date, that it may be a “5” and not a “6” making the date 1955, not 1956. It looks like the part of the stamp was over-inked or perhaps applied with lop-side force, as the bottom and right side of the figure are really spread out. I could be wrong, but 1945 would make more sense.

I had a couple of similar Greek-overstamped boxes for 7.9 x 33 Kurz, as I recall, and perhaps one for 7.9 x 57 Mauser. These are the first I have ever seen of 9 mm Para though. England and Greece were very involved before, during and after WWII, so the ammo in these boxes makes perfect sense. There were likely some with German pre-1946 ammunition as well.

Lew and Fede - thanks for posting this, and for the translation. They are very important boxes and may, in part, explain why, with so many German pistols and MPs and so many Sten guns kicking around Greece after the war, they don’t seem to have had much production of the 9 x 19 mm Parabellum cartridge at all. Perhaps it was simply because they didn’t need it.


Thanks John, you are right. I edited the date.

Did you received the NATO manual?



Yes, I received it. Thanks amigo mio. I have been in and out a lot, and primarily only paying quick and brief attention to the Forum. Haven’t done too much with my own email for serveral days. Got to get to it.


Here is a greek repacked 7.9 mm Kurzpatrone box from 1952:

Original italian label reads:


Rounds in this box were headstamped aux 44 (different lot numbers). Maybe someone may find a similar box full of qrb 44 1 M headstamped rounds!!!


Another one dated 1953 (from Peter Senich’s book):


Thanks!!! Great help-much appreciated!

Interesting that the Canadian/CIA ammo turned up in this box. I wonder if there is a relationship between the 1953 repack date and the 9 MM 43 dated ammo. Could the 43 date indicate 1953??? The timing would be about right since the earliest “date” on this Canadian ammo is “40”.

Again, thanks for the help.



PS: The source of these boxes tells me he has some British 303 boxes repacked by the Greeks, mostly with Canadian ammo. If anyone is interested, let me know and I will send you his email. Unfortunately, he only had these two 9mmP boxes.


Lew - As you know, my theory on the “9 MM 4-” dates has always been that if you substitute a “5” for the “40” in dates 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45, you likely have the correct years of manufacture. Part of this belief was based on the primer seal color and the sequence of magnetic bullets by date in these Canadian cartridges with spurious dates on the headstamp.


I have this Repack box of 7,9x33 KURZ cartridges on clips