Greek and Slavic alphabets

Just a reminder to those needing to use Slavic or Greek letters in this forum, your Word programme already contains them. Go to “INSERT” tab to the right of “HOME” in the upper left corner, choose “SYMBOLS” all the way to the right, click on “MORE SYMBOLS” to access all and any.
For more discriminating writers, use to “copy and paste” the same as above plus the alphabets of Armenia and Georgia.
The point is, you don’t need to install ANYTHING into your computer, you already have it.

For those of us eccentric enough to use a Mac there is also a Cyrillic font available, I was looking in the wrong place.

In Finder, click Edit and double click Symbols at the bottom of the drop down menu. Enter ‘Cyrillic’ in the search box at the top right hand corner of the frame and … hey presto, all the characters you could require will appear before you.

There is also a comprehensive set of symbols, things like stars and arrows that would be handy for replicating headstamps.

Seek and ye shall find,


It is much simpler.
Just set Windows settings (somewhere in the language settings etc.) to have any script you want in that little language drop down menu in the task bar where you usually have “EN” or in Germany then “DE”. What ever you will choose then will be added to that menu button and you can switch within scripts just in 1 second.
Once you have selected the language your keyboard will also switch to the regardings tandard and you can type any script you want.
Since you will not have all the letters displayed on your keyboard you can use the desktop keyboard wich will change to the choosen script and you can type by clicking on the letters.