Greek box for 6.5x54


Can any Greek user translate this box for 6.5x54 rounds. In particuliar I am trying to know if the box says anything about the type of weapon using those rounds.

Thank you very much in advance,




It’s all Greek to me…but I’d be willing to bet that the middle line of the second pic ( XPHEIE EIE AYOTOMATA ) says something akin to “Rifles and Machineguns”. The date on the box ( 941 ) would help ti ID the appropriate Greek weapons of the time.
I realize that doesn’t really answer the question you asked, but I hope it gets you in the right direction.


The top part says “Ellnikos Stratos, 10 Rifle cartridges for Mannlicher cal. 6.5” …made in 1941. I don’t get any further, sorry.



not much success yet as to translate the first 6.5x54 Greek box ?

Here is another one in caliber 7.92 for Hotchkiss LMG. Here again is still need to know what they say on the box.

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