Greek made 7.92 Mauser for UK - Israeli battlefield pickup?


I got a 7.92 Mauser round headstamped “PC 40 IZ” at SLICS. This was made on contract by Greece for the UK for use in Besa tank machine guns.

The round has that dull yellow acid washed look that alot of Israeli battlefield pickup rounds have. Don’t some rounds also have that look from being tumbled in sand?

Is there any chance that some of this ammunition could have found its way to Egypt after WW2, been captured in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war (or from another source) and then sold as surplus onto the US market? Perhaps some of it even found its way to Israel in the pre-statehood years. It also could have been left behind by the British when they left Palestine, or left in Egypt after WW2. Who knows?

It has probably gone from Greece to the UK to (possibly) Egypt, then Israel, to the USA, and now back to the UK into my collection.

Have rounds with this headstamp ever been seen in boxes known to be Israeli battlefield pickup or surplus?


There are a lot of 9mmP in this same condition that are called Israeli battle field pickup. I only know of them being sold in bulk boxes.

A couple of years ago I bought 4000 rounds of mixed Israeli, more modern than the “battle field pickup” which contained a wide varity of Israeli headstamps up into the 1990s, but included AE 7 & AE 8 headstamps from before independence, as well as British TH headstamps, A AI headstamps, FN headstamps and many more. Looks like Israel bought 9mmP from many sources. Perhaps your 7.92 was sold to Isreal by the UK or by some third party.




Pre-1950, Israel, not to mention its surrounding Arab neighbors, had many sources of supply, both new production and wartime surplus. It is possible to find just about anything…from anywhere.


Was the acid-washing done in Israel or in the US?



I believe it was done at the Israeli surplus dealer.