Greek Powder and Cartridge


Why such a paranoid “each cartridge” note? And where is “children” note?



This is a military box/loading, not a commercial box/loading. Thus there is no “keep out of the reach of children” warning on the label.
The notice on the box about checking and making sure to use the right cartridge is there because of the use of different caliber weapons such as .30 Cal., 7.62x51mm, 7.92x57mm, 8mm Lebel and so on.



Plus, did the Greek’s have a law requiring the warning, even on non-military ammunition?

Nice clean box.


Sorry, I thought it was a Greek ammo box re-labelled for the American civilian market.


I believe this ammunition was manufactured and packaged using equipment from the U.S. so the label closely resembles US labels.



Why didn’t they write in Greek?


One possible explanation-
Quoting John Moss from a related thread: