Greek translation needed

I would like to translate this label

For the first line I found : Greece
For the third line I found PATREOS which is PATRAS now

The second line is a problem for me

Patron I think is perhaps ctge.
But what means Grafeion ? Graff mark ??


Grafeion : Grafo, To write .
Wild guess: Indicator cartridge???
Patron is not a Greek word ( Germanic or Slavic) and the Greek would be Fisiki as in Turkish as well.)
Can you show whole package/ cartridge?

Doc AV

thanks Doc

  1. I do not think it is a box label
    It looks more than an adress stamped on a paper.

    This paper was hooked to a letter asking shotshells ctges to be manufactured by sfm
    i am looking for the name of the customer.
    Sure the guy was in Patras (Greece)

And on the other side of the paper was the design they wanted to put on the tube of the shotshell

  1. I found another translation for GRAFEION : OFFICE
    Which looks to fit more with an address
    and for PATRON i found FATHER
    Could it mean MAIN OFFICE ?

And therefore the name of the company would be
ΓΚΡΈΚΑ in losange meaning GREECE in losange ??


The trade name on the back of the card is “Greka”, that was an advertising company, not a cartridge company. Middle sentence means “Patras Office” (Bureau de Patras) and last one means “Patreos 66”, that is the street address.

thank you very much
i have to find the name of the company now.

What is doing an advertising company with an order to sfm ?

Or perhaps it is not related and the greek guy put this red printing on the paper with the label ???

Thank you

I assume they designed and printed the “Eclair” logo for a Greek customer, that later send this card to SFM.



yes i agree with you
thanks a lot