Green Bay Bullets - Box w/bullets

Out at antique shops again with the other half today. I found this box for $10 and figure it was worth the risk.

I live close to Green Bay and like finding things local to the area. Just looking for the usual information, age, history etc.Thanks for any help!

Pictures tell all I know about it…

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Doesn’t seem to be much interest here. I suppose that it’s because these are just components of the cartridge and not complete cartridges. As components I would think that there are thousands of ma and pop gun shops that can manufacture these items.

In any event, after a brief internet search, all I have found is that the company was founded in late 1950’s by Richard F. Bienzen, the founder passed away in 1979 and the company changed owners several times and finally closed sometime in the early 1990’s.

Here is a scan with some information about the company (from “Gun World”, July 1963):

My latest ad date from july 1996.



Thanks Fede, that helps!

Chop - lots of cartridge collectors do not collect individual-component items such as loose or packaged bullets, primers, etc., because of the enormity of that field. I, myself, only collect ones of very special interest to me, and even those as “samples,” meaning I don’t collect various small variations in printing, item weights expressed on boxes, etc.

However, they are interesting, and I, for one, enjoyed your pictures of both box and bullets.

One of the finest cartridge-related collections I have ever seen was a collection of primers. Easy to carry to shows as all in a book similar to a photo album. It was/is an incredible collection!

If you save these bullet boxes, don’t be afraid to post them You may not have received many comments because your initial research was very good, and answered most questions that cartridge collectors generate, with our friend Fede’s answer being the “frosting on the cake,” as usual.

Thanks for posting those here. It is a nice box, and that from one who doesn’t generally collect component boxes, nor anything at all to do with revolver rounds (auto pistol case types only).

John Moss

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Top of my empty box is pretty much the same but with different ends.
green bay1 green bay end

Save your money till April so we can eat our brains out in that Waffle House. Or, if you are not hungry, there is a big hotel nearby with a bunch of ammo nuts inside. You may spend your cash there.


Can’t wait!

I would have spent more money last year but the ATM kept running out of money - every time I tried to withdraw some I got the message “Insufficient Funds”

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Im embarrassed to say I have 2 other Green Bay Bullet boxes that I can’t locate in my moderate sized room and I’m sure I put them in a drawer that eludes me tonight

Stay tuned and I will search on

Used to carry them in my shop in the late 70’s early 80’s.

This is a listing of products they offered ca. 1975 (from “Handloader’s Digest new 7th Edition”).

Green Bay Bullets


Thanks for all the great information guys! It it very much appreciated.