Green lacquered Brazilian rounds

Does the vivid green lacquer on these Brazilian 7mm Mauser and .45 ACP rounds have any significance, or is it to protect against corrosion, or is it perhaps just to make them very attractive to collectors like myself?!
Both are manufactured by Compania Brasileiro de Cartouchoes, Sao Paulo.


I believe that green seals on Brazilian ammo signify military contracts, while red designates a civilian contract.

Jon is correct in his ID to a point. The green does signify military contract ammunition for the Brazilian Government. Sometimes Green has been sent for commercial export too. The red did indicate commercial ammunition, but when exported to other countries, there was complaint of the all red bullet and base appearing to be proof loads, so export ammaunition was changed to no color at all. I am not sure if they do the all green bullet anymore for any purpose. I have two .45 auto rounds, later production, that have green primer seals but no color on the bullet, and the later dates in 9mm Para don’t have any colored seals at all, while the earlier dated rounds had a green primer seal but an uncolored bullet. I have two different .380 auto rounds, both with green primer seals, but no bullet color.

While the green seals were used by the Army and Air Force, it does not appear that the Brazilian Navy required them. My M DAM M .45 round has no colored seals, nor does my 7.63mm Mauser round with the same headstamp. However, my 7.65mm Browning round, which is much rarer than either the .45 or the 7.63mm Mauser, has an all red bullet and primer seal, and despite its M DAM M navy headstamp, it was found in a commercial box, the only one with all others being standard CBC-headstamped commercial rounds. I have CBC-headstamped .30 Mauser rounds with all-red bullet and red PA, all green bullet and green PA, and with a variant headstamp, with green PA both with and without three circular primer crimps.

Current CBC commercial ammunition has no colored seals of any kind.

It is a very confusing topic, for sure.

John Moss

Thank you both,