Green tip 42 TW 30-06

What does the green tip indicate?

Nobody wants to put their reputation on the line but since I don’t have a good one anyway I’ll grab my saw and climb out on the limb.

I think it’s a target marker. I have between 10 and 15 and they are all from plants other than FA, (DEN, TW, SL,etc) and they are all dated 1942 or 1943. Not a lot to go on but it’s all I have.

Unless it’s some rare experimental or a foreign contract. You could pull the bullet to see.


Thank you, Ray.


Is the bullet GMCS? All of my target markers are. Except for the tracers.


Did the US supply 30-06 to the UK in the same manner that they provided 50 BMG? The colour looks very close to the “AP” marking on the Lend-Lease 50s I’ve seen, but the date is a little later than on the green-tipped 50 APs.


That’s why I asked if the bullet is GMCS.


It is not AP.