Green tip 7.9 x 57 by FN


The recent Spanish Civil War threads got me to looking over my 30s vintage 7.9 m/m cartridges. One such is by FN. Total cartridge weight is 397 gr., bullet ogive is pointy like the sS, jacket is CNCS, bullet tip and primer annulus are green. Magnet shows the bullet is very long, but the bullet doesn’t look like the red tip round I have that is supposed to be a tracer. Headstamp is FN at top and date 37 (inverted) at the bottom. Just another tracer or is one of these perhaps APT? My red tip round weighs 379 gr. Jack


I think this is the early marking for armour piercing. Post-war armour piercing has a black tip.


Jim, what is a black tipped “FN 39” then? (black PA and nickel plated projectile)


Having looked through Conjay’s catalogue (my bible) perhaps I’ve over simplified it by suggesting the colour code changed at about the time of WWII.
Both green & black are definitely AP but in their catalogue they list green-tipped cartridges with dates of '38, '40 and '49. Their black-tipped rounds are dated '50, '56 and ''66.


I can confirm CNCS green tip FN40 and GM black tip/neck seal/annulus FN56 with a knurled cannelure on the projectile


After reading your kind responses I’m going to list this one as “likely AP.” The total weight of the round and the length of the bullet (as checked by magnet) seem consistent with that ID. As for the black tipped FN 39, is it possible FN marked some contracts with color coding specified by purchaser? Thanks much. Jack