Greener riot shotguns still in use with Burma riot police


Today on the way home from college on the tube I saw some pictures of the Riot police in Burma in the free newspaper. I was surprised to see they were still armed with Greener Martini action Riot Shotguns. The photo was clear, it was obvious what they were. What calibre would these be in? Surely not the Original Kynoch Mk III police cartridge with the bottleneck and grooved base? I seriously doubt this as the ammunition has not been made since the 1960s at the very latest as far as I know. I presume they are 12 Gauge. I am surprised they are not armed with European made pump action or semi auto shotguns by now. These Greener guns appeared to be being used alongside modern M16s and the old Webley tear gas launchers. I cannot find the picture in question on the net.