Greenwood & Batley MkII .303 with ring around bullet tip

Has anyone any idea why this MkII bullet has a ring around the bullet tip


Rich, could the bullet tip be bare lead?



Can’t answer the question as to why, except to guess that a faulty die was used to make the jacket. I have in the collection a couple of Krag cartridges that also exhibit this “button” on the bullet nose.


[quote=“RimPin”]Rich, could the bullet tip be bare lead?


No Dave it is same as the rest of the bullet jacket not exposed lead



Reportedly has a CN cup inserted in the nose.
A good find if it is. Only one lot of 197000 rounds were made in 1897.

The Mk III is a hollow point bullet.
I believe only 5 examples are known to exist & only one of those is a live, complete round.
This is one of the two known arsenal sectioned examples & the other one still has the powder & wad. The last two are dummies / drill.

I think you have a Holland & Holland peg-point example. I have the same with a K C II headstamp.