Greetings and a 7.92mm info request


I’m Mike C from Colbert, WA, USA, and I’m a ‘newby’ to this forum. My interests are Australian military history in particular (I’m an Australian, despite the geographic location!), with emphasis on military equipment.

I’d appreciate some direction to any references detailing the constructional details of various natures of British 7.92mm SAA, as used in the various marks of BESA AFV weapons.

Looking forward to learning much from the posts on this forum.

Mike C

Some good starts, from the IAA home page bibliography:
Labbett, Peter. 1993. British Small Arms Ammunition, 1864-1938(Other than .303 Inch). Labbett. London, U.K… 358p. ISBN: 0-9520567-0-4
Labbett, Peter. 1999. The Development in Britain of .30 inch Ammunition, 7.92 Ammunition, 15mm BESA Ammunition, 1939-1993. Labbett. London, U.K… 74p
Labbett, Peter. Technical Ammunition Guides: Series/Pamphlet. Labbett. London, U.K…2 - 2, British Military 7.92mm Ammunition. 1981. 24p.

Thanks, JonnyC, much appreciated.