Greetings from Danny Dietz

I was talking ammo with him over the phone. He asked me to say “Hi” to Mel Carpenter, John Moss, Lew Curtis and Pete deCoux and anyone else who remembers him. He is still unwilling to make posts but he reads the forum a lot. Also, he is amenable to phone calls from above mentioned people. So feel free, text me if you need his number.

Danny still gets around to some of the PA and NJ gun and ammo shows. Lucky to see him at least 4 or 5 times a year.

Hello back to you, Danny. Hope all is well.

Jon, if you know of ANY gun or ammo show in NJ, please tell me, I’d love to go.

Howdy Danny
good to see your keeping Vlad in-line.
keep well

Vlad, I’m sorry…NJ told me not to tell you. ;) My mistake.

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