Grenade blanks sealed packed


When I was reading the topic about Vacuum packing cartridges,I thought about a new topic about cartridges how are sealed.
Why are most boxes with grenade blank’s are sealed packed ???

this box 7,62x51 LOT 1-RA-70

RA = Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikker,Raufoss,Norway

headstamp Nato symbol 3-RA-70

I have also this sealed Swiss grenade blank 7,5x55



Those are not vacuum packed, just in cheap polythene bags. Vacuum packing sucks all of the air out and the bag collapses.



ok thanks for the correction gravelbelly



Gyrojet, could you tell the hs of those Swiss 7.5mm?



headstamp is T 00


Thank you Gyrojet! :)