Grenade juggling in WWII


A quote from p.104 of Hans Werner Woltersdorf’s WWII memoir book “Gods of War” (Volksturm reenforcement soirée near Lake Balaton):
"…and a juggler juggled five handgrenades and whirled them in front of,next to,behind,above, and below himself so we got quite dizzy. The old corporal from the U-boat bunker sat on the thigh of my swollen leg and said to me in caressing tones, "You crafty devil, you’re really a nice fellow and can always do everything better, but that trick with the h-h-handgrenades, that you c-c-can’t do, want to b-b-bet?"
I took two handgrenades, secretly unscrewed the fuse of one and let the porcelain knob hang out of the stem; then I clumsily juggled it in the air and unfortunately caught only the release button. The now-ignited hand grenade rolled under the men.
Someone spotted the rolling danger and screamed with all his might, “Take cover!” and the entire crowd tried to dive out of the way within the seven-second incubation period. That was enough sobering-up to bring us back to the serious business at hand."
May someone identify the handgrenade?


Vlad, according to the porcelain knob it should be the Stielhandgranate 24.