Grenade point?


I have a ???, does anyone know what it is?
It is 14 cm high, at the bottom it has a diameter of 3.2 cm and the opening at the top has a diameter of 2.2 cm.
There is 2x an S on it.


It looks like a 35mm Oerlikon shell, but i don’t have any reference on this particular piece with a disc in the base.

Yes most likely that is what it is,or from some of the other Anti air craft rounds I hahe 3 of them on
this one the part that is missing is the screw in nose piece that most of the time had an explose
charge in it many look very similar but often these screw in heads are often are not interchangeable
as i found out even at first look you would swear they would.The difference seems to be in the maker
and Cal an a few other factors.Never use force on those nose heads.they do not screw in easely leave
it alone. Sherryl

Sintered iron driving band?

German WW2?

Brian, these seem to be driving bands which are machined together with the projectile body from the same material. I think they do receive a thermal or electro-thermal treatment.
I think I once saw a doc on it but do not remember the details anymore.
Though I have not gotten behind yet if this is patented and by whom (Oerlikon itself / Oerlikon licence holders seem to be the only one using it?).

Sintered driving bands are still in use today and back in WW2 German research on 20mm had shown that barrel wear was less than with CU bands. Surprising, no?

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I think this is an Oerlikon FFS grenade Model from 1927; Is 20x110RB.
There is also an S on it.


it would hardly fit a 20mm case with its 32mm base diameter