Grenade rounds


I’ve updated my web article on modern grenade rounds, here:


Have you considered including information on the Honeywell 30mm that was originally sponsored by DARPA, or the French 35mm intended for the PAPOP? The 30mm grenade was flogged for 20+ years by Honeywell/ATK. First, it was going to be used in a lightweight single-shot weapon to replace the 40x46mm M203. Then, it was to be used in a multi-shot launcher attached to the M16 or Future Rifle System. Finally, it was going to be used in a stand-alone semi-automatic weapon.


I have very little data on those. Anyway, I focus on what we have now and what’s coming soon, rather than past experimentals (Otherwise I would certainly include the 70mm US rounds).


couple of points

  1. You missed the GM-94 with its 43mm ammo, which is extensively used by Russian units operating against Muslim terrorist in North Caucasus region, see
    Here’s photos of 43mm VGM-93 rounds for it

  2. here’s the photo of the IMYa-31, and inert / practice version of the BMYa-31, which is used from D and DM weapons, see


Maxim, the cartridge caliber for the “D” and “DM” is actually designated as 9.1x93.


Thanks for that, Max, I had overlooked those. So far I only have data on thermobaric and less-lethal rounds in 43mm. Do you know about any others?


I have to check but at least there’s also inert / practice round