Grenades are ammunition

Does anyone have an idea of how this works ? … m=10710991

No idea, looks like something recoilless and somewhat heavy for such an item. Maybe some practice or dummy device.

The soldier in camauflage is holding a 35mm grenade launcher.

Both of the weapons shown are for the 35mm grenade ammunition. The grenade shown is an experimental effort designed to extend the range and anti-armor capability of these weapons. So far we can’t figure out how it is supposed to work. For sure it is an impact spit back fuzed HEAT projectile. The rest; who knows ?

it just looks all wrong,look at the thickness of the fins??

Well, that is not the only thing I can’t figure out. This is a great deal of factory work not a garage work shop item. It came from China described as a design prototype. Maybe they are messing with our minds . I am at a loss on this thing.

These 35mm grenade weapons do not have an effective HEAT shell with good range. The Chinese have fielded several weapons in this caliber.

From the rugged construction and knurled fittings it appear to me to be some sort of re-usable training projectile designed to be launched from what apppears to be some sort of a muzzle adapter. Just my $.02


The air-chuck quick-connect fitting in the base of the thing makes me wonder if it is meant for some sort of semi-stationary mount where an air-compressor powered rig is set up to simulate a launching cartridge from whatever training apparatus they are firing it from. That still wouldn’t explain exactly what real weapon system it was meant for. Maybe it’s just an experimental training device meant for use with an air-compressor powered launcher that doesn’t represent a real weapon?

Given that the projectile is 40mm I wonder if it is not some type of trainer for the RPG. The Chinese call their RPGs 40mm because that is the diameter of the tube and they also call it a grenade launcher.

As the Russians and most others do.

This item here would just not fit into a RPG-7 tube.

What ever the tail piece is certainly would not. Maybe the tail piece is removed in use.

That would make no sense then or.

None of it is making much sense yet.

Can you elaborate on this? The bottom piece is solid except for the cut outs with a knurled cap for removal.