Grenades galore

Just found this image in the web showing seized grenades in Syria.
One of each would make a great collection it seems.
Lots of French stuff amongst.

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Wonder how many different hands these passed through before they arrived in Syria? Do hand grenades have some sort of identifying serial number?

No serial numbers but most have lot numbers. These in theory can be traced just that inquiries with the notorious manufacturers of ordnance found in such regions usually come up with statements like “the dog ate my homework” (i.e. cheap if not dumb excuses). Also lots of cold war era stuff is impossible to trace as it was exported a lot and changed hands many times and only god knows how stuff ends up where it is finally surfacing.
Not to forget that some customers and manufacturers do not apply any lot numbers for exactly that reason or just use clandestine ones which are not featuring any identifyable manufacturer.
Not to mention officially and more or less legally delivered ordnance which then gets captured.
And my personal impression is that in some recent cases ordnance with identical lot numbers were supplied to both sides in Syria so noone can trace anything no matter how hard he tries.
Baseline is that only a tiny percentage of lot numbers can be linked to manufacturers and or suppliers catching them red-handed.

Much more to say but I do not want to bore people here.

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In the foreground, Russian / Soviet РГД-5,Ф-1,РГО
they have a batch number, the number of the equipment factory and the year of manufacture.