Griffin Mark (Greif Marke)

This was a new one for me, found today is a pile of (mainly) English paper and foreign plastics.

Can anybody tell me anything about it (I can read the German OK) but it is not a cartridge case I had come across before, certainly with that nice head stamp.

BTW, I still am not getting any preview when I do a post or an edit!. Which means posting and then doing any adjustments.


Hi Mike, nice shotshell, thanks for sharing these pictures.

It was made in Germany by Sellier & Bellot, Schönebeck a. E.



Thank you Fede,

S&B, never thought of them when I was looking at it.


Here are some out of my collection.
Smaller calibers not included.
I seem to remember that there is also a black variant.

Regards rené

Nice Rene,

Do they all have the same head stamp?


Here are the varieties. Only small differences with the asterisks.
The sellier and bellot is from the purple one.