Grind Hard ammo brand

On the Lehigh Defense Facebook feed today I saw mention of a company called “Grind Hard Ammo”, and they are loading the Lehigh Extreme Defense & Controlled Chaos projectiles, along with basic FMJ. They are out of Port Saint Lucie, Florida. I was surprised to see a range of custom headstamps, and they have been in business with this brass since at least February 2019.

My first thought was - will they be less expensive than Underwood or Black Hills loadings with the Lehigh projectile loads? If not, then they are instantly priced out of the market. In poking around their website it looks like they will be in the same ballpark as Black Hills, and close to, but not less than the average price per 20 of the same load from Underwood, who loads on the Ducta-Brite nickel plated brass cases. The Underwood stuff can be found in the mid-twenties per 20rd box, while this Grind-Hard ammo is listed at just over thirty for a 20rd box. They might come down in price as volume of production increases, who knows.

As of the morning of Sep 26th, their webstore does not appear to be able to process a payment, but you can view the items anyway. The listed phone number on the website is a directory assistance number, not sure why they list that, but their Facebook page lists a working number which the proprietor, Austin Weiss, answers directly. Austin is along the lines of a Jesse James (present-day motorcycle guy) type of entrepreneur in terms of motorcycle work, metal fabrication, guns & ammo, tattoos, etc… There is a write-up about him here where they refer to him as a “Rock star of metal fabrication”: where it claims he has over 400,000 Instagram followers, and that was a 2017 article.

Most importantly though… New .300 Blackout headstamp!

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