Grouse Ejector N0. 2090 Value Live

Apologies if the description is poor - am shooter - not collector - Loaded with slugs all intact - they have a brass head with primer intact - kynoch patent - No. 12 (12 gauge) stamped Grouse Ejector N0. 2090, over a solid brass case with a slug inserted within - westley richards patent 3897-01
Have 6 of these cartridges which may end up in a glass cabinet as they are so beautiful - but are they valuable?

Hi, I would be interested to see a picture of the head’s fastening into the case.



Dont shoot these, they sound like collectable cartridges,
If they are unfired factory rounds they sell over here for anything up to $100 a piece.


Please post images of the headstamps, and top and side views, they sound pretty cool!