"GUERRERO" 7 x 57mm Mauser

Recently acquired at SLICS…
Magnetic hollow point bullet, brass case with writing on case:

  • GUERRERO + (Made at ??? Arsenal) Spanish Sporting Very Rare Only Exp’l
    What say you?

    Thanks!! Randy

Randy, it’s not strictly experimental, simply a “vanity” headstamp for high Spanish muckity-mucks. There are similar examples in 7mm and other caliber. Very nice find; they were all produced in very small quantities.

My records show c 1950’s by the Toledo Arsenal - for unknown person/organisation (often a General or similar)


Sometime ago I tried to find out who could have been the individual mentioned in this special headstamp and the most likely option would be Miguel Guerrero García, a Civil War ace that served in the National Air Force and that by the 1950’s had the rank of Colonel. Also, the two symbols looks like National Air Force insignias represented by a cross (one for each wing)

These type of bullets with a drilled hollow point are also known with headstamps FNT 1950 and T 7 57.



Fede: It was my understanding that the Spanish air force cruciform insignia was intended to represent the St. Andrew’s Cross. Jack

Jack, thanks, you are right.

Thanks for all the replies…now we know a lot more about the cartridge…