Guess Who?

This first 2 pics are me in IDF service, when I was an ammo accumulator. True collecting came a bit later when I started finding things I couldn’t identify. Guess who the other young guy in uniform is. He also started collecting during his army service.
Yeah, I know, but it’s pretty-much impossible to read. ;)

What do I win if I guess correctly???..I may be way off, but I’m gonna guess John Moss…


To quote Jake Holman, MM1, USS San Pablo (Sand Pebbles) : “What the hell happened?”

NATO Dave.

I also say John Moss

Funny, Ray!
Yup, it’s John Moss.
And those of us who know him know that he hasn’t changed a bit…same smiling face!
Any other good pics of the Young & Uniformed, with an ammo connection?

Jon - Well, these days I am an ugly old fat man, so I have changed. In those days, I was an ugly young thin man.

When I first read your last entry, I read that as "the young and uniNformed, and thought wow, Jon really knows me better than I thought. Now I see the word is “uniformed.” If you wanted to see “young,” I should send you one when I was still an infantry man, but in Khaki garrison dress, and a year and a half younger than I was in the picture you put on here. When the picture you snuck onto the forum was taken, I was a Personnel Specialist with Yukon Command headquarters, although because of the system for enlisted personnel’s branch, I was Signal Corps because I was attached to the Signal Company, Yukon Command, USARAL for quarters and rations. Long and boring story why, so I’ll skip it. My “donations” to this thread are long and boring enough already.

I thought we might see a young Lew Curtis pop up here.

…preferrably in front of an AC-47…

Those are great pics of you both. Thank you both so much for your service to the US and Israel! Such extreme respect and gratitude for all who serve!