Guillot-Senix "High Perf"

I have heard of some 22LR ammo from Guillot Senix called “High-Perf” which was basically an exposed lead-core tip, with a half-jacket, like a soft point. But I have also read
online ( ) that apparently there was also a version in .32ACP or other pistol calibers that was a steel-core exposed tip, something similar to the Russian’s 9x21 & 9x19 exposed steel-core tip designs. Anyone ever see or hear of this French steel-core / tip stuff? Maybe just experimental? Here are photos of the common 22LR stuff:

I know the guy and his compagny which was located 5 km from my home.
A very small compagny, because the guy was working alone.
More closer than a garage shop than what we can call a business.

I met the guy two or three times, the last one being when he stopped business and I bought his whole remaining staff.
It was during the eighties.

What was he doing ?

  • shotshells loaded with plastic balls full of red painting (tomark people in the demonstrations
  • shotshells with rubber balls
  • 22 long ctges with an aluminium insert coming from Prometheus pellets for air guns
  • small other gadgets like a CS electric primered bomb to use in a car

When he started to sell his 22 LR ctges with aluminium insert, he used to bought Stinger rounds and just change the label on the plastic boxes !
After some complaints (from the compagny I think), he switched to Fiocchi ammo and used his own paper boxes (like the own you show)

Please note I am talking about aluminium insert, not exposed lead tip.
Never heard of that !

Regarding other calibers, he showed me some ctges , including 223 ones.

But I repeat, this guy was acting like somebody making experiments in his garage and I am sure he dindn’t have authorization to make or sell ammo except 22 LR and 12 gauge ctges (which were calibers you need no paper in these times).

If I remember well he sent some samples to ammo magasines like Cibles , AMI, and so on, because it was very fashiobnable in these days to make comparaisons tests with different ammo : THV, Arcane, KTW and so on

The ctges you can find in calibers other than 22 LR are exactly the same you can make yourself in your garage.

If I recall right, A lot of the prototype FX lab rounds were of the Armour Piercing Composite Rigid type of round.

Bad pic of a 2 AP type .22lr

  1. All the ctges I have seen in his hands and told by him he made them, were of the same design as the 22 LR, meaning with an aluminium insert.

It doesn’t mean he didn’t make other designs, but I doubt he made some elaborated ones like some of the ones shown here. Specially the one just before the last one (looking like all steel)

  1. Remember he was in contact with some gun magasines journalists and more than likely some of them made swaps with him.

  2. Remember also it was a period of time where any guy (professionnal or private) was playing with a drilling machine or a lathe to make funny ammo.

The law was not as restrictive as to-day in France, it was the years of THV, Arcane, Sieb and so on, and any single shooter was playing in his garage and experimenting his ctges at the shooting range, hopping to make as good or better than THV or some other official ctge.

I saw bullets drilled and filled with anything : aluminium inserts, steel insert, lead shot, fuel, mercury and even poison !

99% of the ctges were hand made by private people.

Be carefull if you don’t want to spend your money for the work of some obscure private guy.