GUN/AMMO control - just so you know

A coalition of mayors in favor of gun control, led by Michael R. Bloomberg of New York and Thomas M. Menino of Boston, said on Monday that it had reached a 10-point agreement with Wal-Mart, the country

Our local Walmart doesn’t sell guns, even though we’re in the middle of redneck, hunting, shooting territory!

I think basically people here buy from gunshops or each other and not Walmart!

Yeah seriously, I mean I obviously disagree with the typical anti-gun mumbo-jumbo from the likes of Bloomberg and “Mumbles” Menino, but who the heck buys guns at Walmart?! If you want to be a mega bargain-hunter then you can easily beat Walmart prices with or dealer pricing at, and that’s even after shipping and transfer fee in most cases.

I’m trying to grasp the whole logic of this legislation anyway (hopeless), and seeing as how Walmart only sells basic hunting longarms, I’m scratching my head trying to think of street criminals in Boston or New York walking around with a 24" barrel Remington 870 express 20ga, or a 26" Remington 7400 30-06 rifle! Seriously…
In the immortal words of mumbles menino: “Thankwoo, Thankwoo vewy mush”

Just another “feel good” measure that will have little or no effect. You are already filmed when you shop in Walmart. They have security cameras everywhere to catch shoplifters. There is already a mechanism in place to track firearm sales through the federal form and background check. Since many Walmarts no longer sell firearms, and those that still do only sell rifles and shotguns, which are used in only a fraction of a fraction of crimes, this whole proposal is simply smoke and mirrors. These bozos continue to fail to address the root issues of crime and violence and find it easier to blame to tools used…