Gun auction with some nice boxes

I saw this gun auction that some of you who collect boxes may want to check out.

This should be in the Buyand Sell section of this Forum not the General section

These are very nice pictures of some good boxes. Joel is not offering them for sale. He is simply pointing out the auction site to the readers of this Forum, as well as giving us all a nice look at some interesting ammunition containers.

If he was the one offering these for sale, I would agree that it belonged on the “For Sale” part of the IAA website, but it appears he is not, and therefore, I think these nice pictures are right where they should be.


John Moss


I see your point John, the link takes you to a live auction and I was thinking they were advertising for the action. My mistake, and I am man enough to admit when I am wrong.
Sorry Joel, I misunderstood.
Thank you.

Dave - no need to apologize. I just looked at it from a different view. Sometimes there ARE items on the regular Forum that should be in the buy and sell section. It is just a matter of interpretation and I, for one, too often misinterpret things that are said. There is so much information on this forum that it is not easy to read and digest it all. That is not a complaint - it is a good thing - but simply an observation.

Thanks for you comment though. It was very thoughtful of you. I think we all agree Joel put some pretty interesting pictures up. :-)


John, just to make a point of it; I fully agree with you!

Auctions/sales of other people or not, sometimes images and data are too valuable to exclude them from here.

I would not mine having a full box of 100 (.60 calibers) for sure :-)