Gun Digest Collection: 1944-2009

I was trying to find an online index to past Gun Digest articles when I stumbled across the fact that Krause is now selling a complete collection of the books on DVD. With enough looking and cash, you can gather up all of the dead tree versions, but you won’t do so as inexpensively as this offer. You’d be lucky just to find the first four editions for that price.

Gun Digest 1944-2009 3-DVD Set

The gun digest website also lets you purchase a monthly subscription which allows you to search their archive. I believe it was $5.00 per month?

DKConfiguration-- I could not find the information on the 1-month subscription. Could you post a link to it.

The research section is here: where a user name and password can be typed in. You have to clink “Join” to sign-up and I think it gives you options for sign up terms and prices. I found a few interesting things while searching it for the one month that I had it. I found that by making a big list of potential keywords of interest I was able to look up everything I wanted to in one week, so it was worth the $5.00 per month price. The most annoying thing however, is that the database which is searched includes every single page of every past issue, and this includes all of the “industry contact” pages with the names of businesses. This led to many results for me that showed these industry-contact pages across dozens of issues and I had to sift through them to find real articles. Depends on the keyword used in the search I guess.