Gun Fair Turkey and Azerbaycan May 2011



Have a look

[color=#BF0000](Moderator edit: Warning, 3 seconds of graphic content at the 29:37 mark / Otherwise has some munitions footage throughout)[/color]



Yes, great video that advertises weapons with images of dead people. Is that only strange to me?


The video does show some cartridges & munitions, albeit spread out amongst much more weapons systems footage. The only dead people I saw were what looked like two civilian casualties at the 29:37 mark in what I can only guess was a short clip intended to imply how Azerbaijan has climbed its way up from being in a dysfunctional state of turmoil & conflict not too many years ago (Nagorno-Karabakh War) to now being a functional/modern self-proclaimed relevant player in the global arms market… I guess? It is a strangely well produced video with some odd clips interspersed through it.