Gunn Ammo 9x19mm Nyclad HP

I recently bought the box below. New to me and thought I’d share it. Too bad they don’t have their own headstamp.


Re-packaged Federal Nyclad. Now that’s original. Glad I held off on buying a box of this stuff as I always suspected that this was just Federal Nyclad in a different box.

I saw a listing on Gunbroker for this stuff and noticed it for the first time a few weeks ago. I believe Gunn is just loading nyclad bullets in commercial brass to sell under their name, which is legal as far as I know. Federal used to (maybe still does?) sell a lot of nyclad bullets for loading.


Are all the cartridges in your box headstamped the same or are they mixed headstamps. If they all have the same . F C . cases, can you see any indication that your ammo could actually have been loaded by GUNN and NOT just Federal manufactured and repackaged factory ammo?


Are you fairly sure that Federal used to sell Nyclad bullets in bulk for reloaders/hand loaders? I have never seen anything that led me to believe that Nyclad bullets were ever sold as components on the commercial market.

If the 9mm 124gr Nyclad HP bullets were in fact purchased by GUNN for making their own Nyclad load, I question why they would use Federal cases for their ammo. Why not just use generic Starline cases so that those who purchase their Nyclad ammo won’t confuse them for actual Federal factory loaded Nyclad ammo?

The Federal case in Lew’s photo isn’t exactly bright and shiney like new Federal cases should be, so I seriously question if GUNN’s ammo is actually newly manufactured ammo. It looks to me that it’s just repackaged Federal factory ammo.


MidwayUSA used to sell bags of the Nyclad bullets in bulk, but upon checking they don’t anymore. If Gunn ammo is just reselling original Federal loads, then it is odd that they can make any profit at $15.00 per box of 50, considering that the old Nyclad boxes used to cost considerably more than ball ammo, and any surplus found now is usually $40 or $50 a box on Gunbroker. Maybe they found a few cases of it for very cheap to repack?

A good price for a case of 1000 is still apparently at least $23 per box of 50rds:

All of the rounds have the .FC. headstamp and do not look like reloads. There is no indication on the box that they were made by Federal, but the same is true of the Estate Box.


If these are original Federal loaded cartridges, I wonder how old they are?

2 boxes of NyClad I have are from I believe was their last inclusion in Federal’s LE catalog, under the ‘NT’ head stamp (Non Toxic), gold/blue 50rd Premium box with plastic tray.