Gunpowder museum

At Frederiksværk in Denmark the old powdermill is still mostly intact and is now a museum. Does anyone know of any other such museums here in Europe?

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Just north of London, in Waltham Abbey there is the old Royal Gunpowder Mills that’s open to the public, part as a museum but also as a very pleasant park to walk around the various things to be seen on the site … the different processes were kept well apart.

There’s even the “Burning Field” where faulty or surplus gunpowder was burnt … as well as some of the earliest use of corrugated iron anywhere.


Thank you very much enfield56. Here in Norway our last black powder mill was closed down in 1977 and now a group of enthusiasts are talking about creating a museum of some sort at the site. They are now starting to look at other powder mill museums for inspiration.

My pleasure, the Gunpowder Mills are only a short train journey from central London and make an excellent day out … I’d driven past dozens of times but went one wet public-holiday and was fascinated by much of what I found there. The site was originally served by two different canal systems, a high and a low level one, as well as a railway that used pneumatic trains to prevent the risk of sparks … very sensible !


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Thinking about it, there’s also this one that I found by accident when I was staying with my ex in-laws who lived nearby and needed an excuse to go somewhere else;

Faversham Mills

More stuff


Thanks again Pete. You have been a great help. So far there don’t seem to be any other museums of this kind.

I can’t even begin to figure what liability insurance would cost in the U.S.!!!

Very interesting post. I have previously suggested a “Gunpowder” special interest group within the IAA, but have never heard anyone else being interested. So, I figured I’d attach a reply to this post and see if anyone’s interested. If so, please email me at

In the U.S. the old DuPont powder mill is part of the Hagley Museum in Delaware. They also have a large library and archives focused on industrial and explosives history. The museum complex include a mansion and barns, so something for everyone.
Here is a Tripadvisor listing:

Thanks JohnS. This is useful information for any powder enthusiasts visiting the U.S.

Theron: I sent an email to your address, but it was undeliverable. There are certainly a lot of different gunpowders, and it would be fascinating to collect them, but as you say, there isn’t much interest.
The dream here in Norway is to create a museum showing the production process at an old powder mill site. Here is an old flyer from the mill.

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Very nice flyer, thank you for posting it here on the forum!


I’m sorry. Occasionally I still send stuff from my old email address. Myself, I do collect the gunpowder itself. At last count I have over 150 varieties. I can’t afford to collect the cans! I’ve only gotten one other response, so I guess there really isn’t much interest. But thank you for your reply.