Guns and Ammo Essential?

I have a Curio & Relic Type 03 FFL and receive BATF email updates. One this week answered a question I wondered about; who designates a business as “essential” during the Covid-19 crisis? Turns out the U.S. Department of Homeland Security classified firearms businesses as essential, which surprises me. The BATF email went on to explain that gun shops could sell and deliver firearms and ammunition at a drive-up or walk-up window or doorway on the FFL’s property or at a temporary table or booth located in the parking lot on the FFL’s property, like so many restaurants have set up for take-out, pick-up orders. So I guess I could call ahead for a couple of boxes of ammo, pay in advance with a credit card or PayPal, and just drive through and have the guy put it in the back of my van with no person-to-person contact at all. Maybe I could do the same for a gun if the store had the info required for a background check. Anyone can download a Form 4473 online and have it filled out in advance. Neat.

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Not quite that easy. We don’t do “curb-side”, but we are restricted on hours, can only take customers by appointment, and have to maintain “social distancing” within the store. Not to mention that we must have the 4473, and any other forms, filled out in front of us by the actual purchaser.

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Do you mean a No. 4 Rifle, a No.1 Mark V rifle, or a No.5 Carbine.?
And that .303 ? Is it British or Savage???

No wonder the Gun community is in such a mess! Doesn’t know what it wants!!!
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Doc AV

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