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Will NATO kill the M16

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Thank you for that link. Another very interesting article in that issue is on the Speer cases made with the impact extrusion process (pg. 24).

While I was familiar with the three Newton calibers and knew of the contract between Weatherby and Speer, I have not seen any examples of the Weatherby calibers shown there (that I can recall). Any folks out there have any Speer Weatherbys? Any other calibers known that aren’t shown there?


270 Weatherby Mag

A .257 Weatherby / Speer box back, note the call out bottom left corner.
After the lawsuit Speer sold the impact extrusion equipment for scrap.
Speer had an avert advertising the “reflector base” in magazines & the cartridge was a Cal. .30-06, but none are known. Below a .35 Newton I cut to show the inner base shape


Thanks, krag56!


Very nice and thank you for posting those. Would that box have the “Bear” design on the front like that used when Weatherby later went with Norma for the brass?



Thank you for showing that box. Assuming cases from that box are headstamped as shown on the front, then Speer made (2) different headstamps for Weatherby cartridges? The other is “SPEER .257 WEATHERBY MAG” as shown in the Guns article.


Dave, I think the box headstamp is what was on all the boxes of that case type. The key to the case maker / loader is on the box back, lower left corner. same as it is today.

So only one SPEER headstamp variation.
Edited to add The key to Speer manufacture is the reflector base as shown above

Ken Alexander notes is his privately published 2012 book on Speer:
“According to Grits and Tom Gresham in their book “Weatherby, The man, the Gun, The Legend”, Weatherby ordered 50,000 shellcases in .257, .270, .300 and 375 calibers in April of 1950 to be delivered in three months.”

I have these only these three headstamps & think, but am not sure, the .375 was made.


Thanks for that information. I had been thinking that box style with the “classic” Weatherby headstamp shown came later with the Norma connection. Hadn’t seen the box type the Speer headstamps came in before this and it is interesting to see that packaging style showing the later headstamp was used that early.


I should have added that as Krag56 has noted above, that the .270 exists.

So we now have the .257, .270, 7mm, and .300 Weatherby’s as known Speer production.