I just visited, a Russian counterpart to IAA plus actual guns. I read a very heated debate about the meaning of 2 letters on a Russian double-headed oiler. You guys think there are occasional frictions at this web site??? If we had as much cursing and name calling here, IAA legal department would be bigger than Pentagon’s.

We are a bunch of cream puffs.

I have seen some of those sites with profanity and every thread having loud-mouths calling each other names. That’s why I am not registered on any of them.

The hope is that the IAA website will maintain some professionalism and dignity totally lacking on so many of the other forums on the web. I note that those on those forums that swear the loudest seem to know the least, as well. I guess there are a few of the Forums that have knowledgeable people on them, and of course, on any forum there will be the occasional intelligent answer and genuinely expert advice. Overall though, I am not impressed by what is on the web. I think this site is about as good as any and better than the vast majority.

I will adnmit that my opinion is probably not as valid as some, because the first time I see the real profanity and down-right vicious name-calling, it is the last time I ever visit the site. So, since that occurs so often and on so many, I have not seen a whole lot of these sites, and readily admit that. The webmasters on them seem to exercise no control at all, though. Very amateurish, at the least.

We have a good bunch on this site - real experts from age 16 up to probably in their 80s. Guys with no big egos who readily admit when they are proven incorrect about something, and always ready to share any knowledge they have on the subject. Heck, we’ve even got a guy that loves torpedoes and keeps a few stray tigers and lions around his joint for amusement! (Just ribbing you - your contributions to animals and this forum are great, “AP”.) We also have great administrators who do a good job keeping grouchy old men like me halfway civilized, and maintaining a professional-quality atmosphere for all of us, all with little thanks and no compensation.

Thanks guys.

Well said John. And accurate as well.

I have had a PC for only about 4 years and have visited a lot of forums. Most are not worth the trouble. I now regularly visit only 5. Three are strictly shooting related, one is a machinist forum because I do my own gunsmithing, and this one, of course.

The IAA Forum is the best, in my own ignorant farm boy humble opinion.

And by the way John - who is that 80 year old???


Heck Ray, I thought the 80 year old was you! No, just kidding. Just an assumption on my part that one of us must be pushing 80. It will never be me. My family is very short-lived. I became the Patriarch of the Moss family, or that part that we are in contact with, seven or eight years ago, and I am only 68 now. I already have lived a longer life than either of my brothers had. When I wake up every morning, I look out the window and say “hey, I’m still here!”

We have a good Forum - run exactly the way it should be! Thanks go to the moderators, but also to all you guys who make it that way.

John M.