Gunshow find. 1938 7,9mm Polish "PS"

I bought this box at a recent gunshow not really knowing what it was. The dealer told me he thought that the blue tip meant it was a ‘designated sniper’ round. While I didn’t believe that to be the case I was still unsure about what it was.
A little internet research led me to this webpage, where I found a ton of good info about it. … ary02.html

Here’s what I got.


…and pretty blue tips

It’s nice to unexpectedly add something new to your collection that you didn’t even know existed.


they look super cool! sweet blue tips.


Now I’m confused! I’ve just looked at my specimen of a 7.9mm wz ‘PS’ and it has a very bright green lacquer tip. The ‘Cruffler’ site appears to be very comprehensive but makes no mention of any Polish loads with this green tip. Similarly, Conjay’s lists describe several variations of this load but all have either the early black tip or the later royal blue paint tip.