Gunshow find real or repo?

This looks like the real thing but I just don’t know it is in very nice shape and full.

From your photos I’d think it to be a fake. Looks too nice, & it would be easier to see if the color was correct in your photo. Wrong light source or wrong camera setting for the light source. It all yellow, (too much)
As these are often sold as original, I don’t consider them reproduction but as out & out fakes.

If you have access to an original box from that same era in any condition, try shining a black light on that box and this box to see if there is any difference. Modern chemicals betray fakes.

Original labels were printed with ink rolled onto type & that ink was pressed into the paper by the type. Most of these are done on a Xerox machine or scaned & from a modern printer, which lays the ink on top of the paper. So get a good quality, high magnification glass & see if the ink sits on top of the paper or is in the paper.

A black light is a good test, as most repo labels will glow bright. I have a 12" battery powered portable one. It is the last resort retrieving it from the vehicle, as you are going to have to convince the seller to go with you to the restroom and turn off the light. I also carry a LOOP in my pocket as you can usually see the ink dot patterning from a modern inkjet printer if such was used.


Thank you for the replies I will have this in St Louis.