Gustav Genschow 9mm Plastik-Manöverpatronen packet

Hello. This packet is empty, so could someone please tell me what the contents would have been? The only label on the packet is the label shown, and no others. There are no codes on the end flaps. The date is 11 AUG 196?; I cannot read the last digit as it has smudged a bit. I sort of remember that these were discussed in a recent article but cannot find it. Thank you.

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Ian - you have a nice box there. I have three variations of the Manöverpatronen
boxes with the blue stripe and the “.38 Luger” caliber marking below the metric
cartridge name. Your’s is earlier, I think, than any of mine. as the company is shown
as Gustav Genschow & C0. GmbH. One of my boxes is Marked Dynamit Nobel
Aktiengesellschaft, Werk Genschow-Durlach, another the same except Karlsruhe-
Durlach, and the third, the only one with a lot number that I can find is marked
Los DAG-74-3.

These are blank cartridges, with a brass case and a black-plastic mock bullet. Primers
and primer seal will vary with these. Only my DAG box has a specimen cartridge still
with it. The headstamp is GECO 9mm. I believe that all probably had that same headstamp.
This one, from 1974, has a brass primer cup with a three-segment primer crimp and a green
primer seal. Others had nickel primers and red seals. They are also found with Olive Drab
color mock bullets, which I think were made for the MP-5.

The bullet goes deep into the case, and is hollow, with four pre-formed grooves looking like
an “X” or a cross as you look straight down at the bullet tip. These are to allow splitting open
at the tip. The plastic mock bullet is held in by four squarish tabs cut at the brass case mouth
and folded in over a shoulder in the bullet.

I have fired a few out of my Luger, and they are quite loud. Of course, they do not cycle the
action, and the plastic mock bullet does not leave the case.

John Moss