GWH "Gebr


I have a number of rounds of various calibers and types with the headstamp GWH, I beleive that a retail or perhaps wholesale outlet in Sydney, Australia
had the ammunition manufactured by a German manufacturer and distributed this under the name Southern Cross Brand,
Can anyone expand on this?
Thank you Terry.


Terry - this is a long and interesting story of misconstrued initials and wonderful research to which many collectors world-wide (I am proud to say I was one of them, in a very small way) contributed, but were spurred on by one of your own from the wonderful world of Oz, Peter White. It is too long to completely recount here. If you are a member of the Australian Cartridge Collector’s Association, contact Peter as the article appeared in their Journal, as well as in IAA Journal 440, Nov/Dec’04. Briefly, G.W.H. does not stand for Great Western Hirtenberg, or Gustloff Werk, Hirtenberg, or G. W. Harder - all theories advanced. I, personally, originally subscribed to the “Gustloff Werk, Hirtenberg” ID. G.W.H. stands for "Gebr


Thank you John,