GWH head stamp

Can anyone give information on this GWH head stamp?
Thanks in advance for any help given.

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GWH stands for: Gerbruder Webendorfer Hamburg, Germany.
They also had a branch in Sydney in 1903 and rimfires and centrefires are common in Australia.
Chris Punnett did an article for ACCA Journal no137 so he may add more comments.

The original article on the GWH headstamp was actually written and published originally by Peter White, “with the assistance of many” to quote his author’s line, and appeared in ACCA Journal No. 82 (2nd Edition, 2000) on pages 4 thru 8. The article was reprinted in the IAA Journal, Issue 440, Nov/Dec 2004, pages 6 thru 10.

The article by Chris Punnet was an excellent follow-up to Peter’s original article, entitled “GWH - The Webendorfer Brothers, An Addendum.” It was primarily a chronological study of Webendorfer on pages 8 thru 10 of ACCA Journal 137.

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John Moss

Yes John you are correct with Peter’s article.
You will also see that I found the first real clue in 1997 with Webendorfer trade mark on the Boomerang brand trade mark and help from many other members to complete the story.
We had no idea in the early days. History is found through club knowledge and support. Ron.

Thankyou, Gentlemen!